Rice Cakes Guide

There are five ways to get rice cakes, which are:

  1. Cash Shop Daily Promotion
  2. Sell Daemons (Three Star and above)
  3. Daily Dungeons (Main source of rice cakes)
  4. Achievement
  5. Others


Firstly, there is a promotion package in cash shop which player can buy it once per day. This package is consist of 100 pearl and 1 rice cake.

Second, sell your extra daemons is another way to get rice cake. Three star daemons worth 1 rice cake, four star daemons 5 rice cakes and five star daemons can be sell for 25 rice cakes.

The main source of rice cake is daily dungeon, you can get 18 rice cakes per week by doing these dungeons daily. These dungeons are Daily magatama dungeon (High Grade, unlock at player lv20) and daily daemons dungeon (only open at noon 12pm – 1:30pm).

Achievements, there are various achievement which reward the player rice cakes. Such as, fully transcend a daemons and donate to your guild 50 times.

Daily log in will also provide some rice cakes. Follow by the tradition of AGG, future event will be one of the way to get rice cakes as well.


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