Update Notice 6/28/2016

Update Notice

Game server will be shut down for maintenance from 6/29/2016, from 9:30 AM to 10 AM (GMT+8). Please make sure your account is link to Game Center (IOS) & Google Play account (Android) to avoid any lost of your data.

To further secure your account, please keep a screenshot copy of your player detail page, main interface, friend list, guild page. In case you lost your account after update, you may use these screenshot to retrieve back your account.

  1. Game available in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore app store.
  2. Game available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore google play. Download quota will be increase to 20,000 players.
  3. Increase Facebook log in for IOS user.
  4. Improve characters 3D module.
  5. Increase function to auto select Magatama (same type) while reinforce.
  6. Enable auto activated x2 and auto skill function, if you left your previous battle with these function opened.
  7. Improve battle countdown visual appearance.
  8. Increase Sola’s interactive script (Main interface).
  9. Fix Daemons: Spider Net passive skill bug.
  10. Buff & Debuff will carry forward after turn.
  11. Daemons ability adjustment: Close range will increase it’s defense and decrease critical rate. Long range will decrease it’s defense and increase critical rate.
  12. Improve game loading speed.
  13. Improve cash shop interface.
  14. Fix some bugs on friend request and guild application.

There will be a update after maintenance.


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