User Interface Translation


  1. Player ID
  2. Player Level
  3. Daemons Leader
  4. Stamina (Demon Power)
  5. Game Currency (Demon Stone)
  6. Cash Shop Currency
  7. Event List
  8. Main Page
  9. Story Line
  10. Reinforce
  11. Summon Daemons
  12. Events Page
  13. Others


If you click on your ID, a detailed list will appear.

  1. A = Need              exp to level
  2. B = On time your stamina will fully recovered
  3. C = Game Currency
  4. D = Cash Shop Currency
  5. E = Rice Cakes
  6. F = Summon Ticket (3 Star to 5 Star Daemons)
  7. G = Free Summon Points (1 Star to 3 Star Daemons)


If you click on others on the main menu, above box will pop out.

  1. Team Arrangement
  2. Collected Daemons List
  3. Daemons
  4. Achievement
  5. Item
  6. Top Up
  7. Friends
  8. Mail Inbox
  9. Settings
  10. Guild
  11. Announcement


The interface of story page.

  1. Chapter Number
  2. The percentage of completion of the chapter


The interface of reinforce page.

  1. Select the daemons you want to reinforce.
  2. Select the materials.



Summon page interface.

  1. Exchange (Rice Cakes)
  2. Summon
  3. Free Summon (You can get the point from story, daily dungeon, friend, guild)
  4. Cash Summon
  5. Cash Summon x 10 times
  6. View the details of summonable daemons
  7. Log in on 12PM – 1:30PM (GMT+8), you may get a free cash summon chance.
  8. Rice Cakes amount
  9. Exchangeable Daemons of the month
  10. Exchange
  11. Remaining time for exchange


Daemons page interface.

  1. Category: Divina
  2. Category: Phantom
  3. Category: Anima
  4. Sort by Attack
  5. Sort by HP
  6. Sort by Daemons level
  7. Sort by Rarity
  8. Sort by Received Time


Item interface.

  1. Purchase item
  2. Use item
  3. Daemons Potion: Recover your stamina fully
  4. Daemons Pill: Recover 50% of your stamina
  5. Revive Ticket: Revive your team in the battle (Remaining time will recalculate


Friend interface.

  1. Friend list
  2. Friend Request
  3. Find Player
  4. Insert player nickname or ID to search


Setting interface.

  1. Player Detail: Player ID & Change nickname
  2. Sound Setting: Adjust volume
  3. Customer Support: Customer help desk & Game guides
  4. Download Full Client: Download all the Daemons data


Guild interface.

  1. Guild Information
  2. Guild Chat room
  3. Donate: Donate to increase guild level & get free summon point on every donation
  4. Guild Name
  5. Guild Level
  6. Guild experience bar: Donate to increase the experience
  7. Guild Announcement
  8. Guild Member

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